Culture “shock” in Brazil

Sunshine, beaches, great party, lay-back attitudes, friendly people, great food, etc. are all tags of this fabulous Country. However, here are few things you need to know before going that might cause culture “shock”:



Languages barrier is an issue while traveling in Brazil. Being a Portuguese speaking country within Spanish speaking continent, English is not widely spread and only a limited number of people would understand and speak it. Outside of tourist hotspot, San Paulo and Rio, people that know how to speak English is rarely found. Because being foreign place, the language barrier is the number one thing for “shock”.

Brazil Beach


On Time

If you are a puncture person, then you are out of lucky. It is a social norm to be late and it is actually consider rude to the host if you show up right on time. Basically, NOTHING happens on time.



Expect no introverts in Brazil. You are expected to give a kiss on both cheeks between adult male and female when introduce as well as upon departure. It’s customary way of greeting in Brazil.



The reason behind I use quotation mark for shock is that Culture shock is often times missed use for describing confusion while exploring other places. Traditionally, culture is used in anthropology to identify the shock in more of long term context where involve the process of adaption or oppression. In general, traveling as a tourist does not involve with much of a shock but more of confusion with the expectation.  The difference between the new culture and your own often times cause the sense of confusion and discomfort.

Personally, I have been traveling to as well as living in many different places. One of the best way to mitigate “shock” is to manage your expectation. Do your homework before travel and hold an open heart while traveling.


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