Churrasco – A Sit-down Experience of Exploration

The story of a place/people through the experience of their food.

Open Flame, sizzling meat, cattle and sheeps – the life of the Gauchos (cowboys).

????????????????????????????????????????Gauchos is the name for the men worked the cattle, or so we call cowboy.  They are originated  in the great wide plains areas of southern Brazil, Pampas, in the early 1800’s. The Gauchos raised cattle as their primary way of life while roaming through the land and trying to explore the unknow as well to look for gold (for some). There are many legends about the Gauchos. Wide flat hats, wool ponchos, long pleated trousers or loose baggy pands called bornbachas, and leather boots men around the open flame with fresh meat slow roasting/basting as the ash blown is the typical image of  the Gauchos life.

churrasco gaucho 3

Through the inspiration and the long tradition of the Gauchos, Churrasco, the brazilian cowboy barbecue, is served in Churrasaria, brazilian steakhouse. As following the tradition of the Gauchos, a variety of cuts of meat are slow roasted on charcoal or wood and service to you by slicing the meat freshly to your plate. “The slow-cooked meat basted in its own juices and resulted in tender, flavorful steaks” In a typical Churrasaria, waiter, who normally dresses in Bornbachas, comes and goes with a skewers of different meat and slices sample of each to your plate until signal of enough is shown. This style of eating is referred as espeto corrido or rodízio, where the ‘espeto’ means skewer.


Normally, a typical churrasco consists of free-flowing (all-you-can-eat) beef cuts, pork cuts, chouriço, chicken heart, dark chicken meat, grilled or fired pineapple or banana, etc. Some churrasaria feature over 15 different cuts of meat in one serving. The free flowing meat is complemented with a “not-an-average” salad bar, which provide a wide range of refreshing salad and other Brazilian side dishes.

The charcoal is burning, slight ash flicks up, the warmth of open fire along with the smell of the meat, a scenes of exploration of the Gauchos spirit.


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